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Eye Protection Visor

Eye Protection Visor

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The ForgedAir integrated and removable eye-protection can easily be added or removed while wearing the respirator, it will not fog from breathing and can accommodate most protective and prescription glasses.  

The Lexan visor/eye-protection has passed ANSI/ISEA and CSA testing requirements for; Drop-ball, High-mass impact, Ignition, Optical (Haze & Luminous) as well as the Droplet and Splash hazard.

Test Data

Dust Protection

Filters >96.2% of airborne particles 0.1 to 0.3 micron

Oils / Fumes / Vapours / Spray Paint

The FA95 and FA100 Filters are not suitable for protections agains Oils, Fumes, Vapours or Spray Paint.

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