• I just got the mask. TOTALLY LOVE IT. You've solved so many usability issues with other designs, I am very impressed. The mask fit great. What struck me immediately is how easy it was to breathe in it. If I put my hand on top of the whole filter, I got suction which tells me that the filter and mask are working right. The neck strap also has a clip, making it very easy to take on and off.

    I love supporting startups that get it.

    Robert Sfeir

  • “This respirator is prettybuttery..it was designed to allow youbeable to be heard more clearly and breathe easier with a larger filter area as well as protect you at the highest demand in terms of particles. And if you’re a woodworker, there are tons of tiny particles floating around especially when sanding. Not only does it offer nice filtration protection but there is also a removable visor that helps block wood chips and other things flying towards those precious little eyeballs.”

    Michael Escalante

  • I just got this Forged-Air respirator to keep from breathing
    grinder and sanding dust. This thing Rocks! & it’s much more comfortable
    than all the others I’ve tried so far with the lower fitting design. Safety
    glasses fit easily above the filter & inside of the removable curved
    protection lens as needed. ++++ it fits under the welding helmet for those that
    need it. Hope this helps you if you’re looking for something new!

    Rush Kane

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"Communication is an
essential part of any job"

Audibility Study

A sound frequency analysis was performed by Fanshawe college using Audacity software. Audibility tests were performed on a variety of respirators. Sound bites through masks were picked up by a microphone, and each sound frequency spectrum was visualized by the Audacity program. Sound attenuation was detected in all masks between 800 Hz and 10000 Hz frequency. The ForgedAir showed a significantly stronger intensity in the 800 to 10000 Hz spectrum, which means better sound delivery performance with an average 87.49 % transparency, compared to its competitors ranging between 58.54% to 61.90%.

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